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1) 1) Always wear eye protection in the form of goggles and masks. Never remove your eye protection while on the battlefield. Regular prescription glasses are NOT acceptable as safety eyewear. Must meet ANSI Z87.1 standards and wrap around the face. This eye protection will be worn at all times for both players and visitors that step onto the area field. Full face protection in the way of goggles and lower face coverage with shamagh, mask, mesh etc. is required.  Full face and ears must be covered regardless of age.

2)The “Game Moderator” is the final approval for all field decisions, the calling of games, resolutions on all conflicts and issues, and responsible for all safety related items and events that occur on the field. If a conflict or discrepancy arises that can't be resolved between groups, the game is stopped and the game moderator makes the final decision regarding the conflict or discrepancy. Arguing with the game moderator will result in an immediate ejection from that day’s game event.

3)The “Spawn Zone” is the area on the playing field where no weapons will be fired at any time. Failure or non compliance of this will result in an immediate ejection from that day’s game event.  If you need to test fire a weapon, find a safe place outside the spawn zone to do so.  This also includes clearing your weapon at the end of a game.


5) Bang Bang Rule (Pro-Night excluded)
Within 7 feet of an opposing player (body to body )you are not allowed to fire. Simply yell “bang bang”. If you and the opposing player are facing each other and both have operational guns pointing at each other ready to fire, it is a parley, and you both must respawn
If you violate this rule the first thing to do is apologize. If deemed not an accident, a player can be asked to leave the facility for abuse of this rule.
6)The definition of being “Hit” is when the airsoft BB Hits any part of the players clothing, body, or weapon. Once a player is “Hit”, He or she will raise their weapon over their head and shout hit. After the fact is established, and the opposing player knows the situation the player will walk out of the battle area and return to the spawn zone with their weapon over their head. All eliminated players will keep their eye and face protection on at all times on the field.

7)All integrity violations and non calling of “hits” will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Failure to or non compliance with calling hits will result in an immediate ejection from that day’s game event.

8)The term “Blind man” will be used for any real world injury. Once “Blind man” is heard all players will holster all weapons, put them on safe and remain in place unless directed by the game moderator.

9)When using the “Medic” Rule a player that sustains a hit will fall or sit in place and yell “hit”. Then the player will put a red rag on his head. In order for the player to be given first aid and resume fighting, another player must go to the person wounded, take the red rag off his head and tie one square knot onto the rag. Other wounded players can NOT medic other wounded players. Also players can only be given first aid one time. After that the player is considered KIA and will return back to the spawn zone.

10) No magazines in guns prior to entering the field. This includes staging, rental area, and briefing. No mags until you enter the arena. On the second floor, there is NO firing of replica until the door to the field is closed.  

11)All airsoft weapons will be checked by “game moderators”

12)When transporting airsoft weapons to and from the playing field, all weapons will be cased in either a gun case, or the original factory box.

All players who participate in CQB should understand that they will be engaging targets anywhere from 100 feet to even 7 feet away and because of that they may take painful hits. We recommend full masks, long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and hats/helmets be worn for CQB to avoid welts or breaking the skin. "bang bang" rules are used for CQB, however players may surrender if they wish at any time to the opposing force to leave gameplay without any harm.

Is not permitted.   You must be able to see down your sights and have part of your body exposed to do so.

15) All weapons will go off of set guidelines for bb weight and feet per second. The rules for this are the following and are posted at the chrono area.

bb   ______FPS
0.25g_____1Joule max

16) Foul language will not be tolerated, we are a family friendly facility

17) No magazines in guns prior to entering the arena. This includes staging, rental area, and briefing. No mags until you enter the arena. On the second floor, there is NO firing of replica until the door to the arena is closed.

18) ABSOLUTLEY NO sale or trading of guns/gear etc by patrons under the age of 18 without both a parents approval and approval from management. Our management has a great knowledge of the value on used guns/gear and we want to be sure it is not a bad deal for all involved. It is not legal for players under the age of 18 to sell airsoft replicas without a parent.
Dummy grenades, tornados, cyclones and 203 launchers are allowed.
For dummy grenades loudly count 3, 2, 1, then roll the grenade into the room. Any players within 10 feet of the grenade, in the same room, and not behind cover are out.
For 203 grenades you are not allowed to bank them off the windows into a room.
Ricochets do count on tornados and 203 grenade rounds.

19) No drugs or alcohol are permitted on our premise, if you are inebriated upon arrival or under the influence of a controlled substance you will be asked to leave and refunds will not be given.

 20) We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying within our facility

21) No climbing or jumping  or moving obstacles or props in the field area.

22) Barrel Covers are an absolute must for any and all guns in the facility. Once it leaves your bag or is in the building if not covered it must have a barrel cover on. Socks, gloves, and other creative ideas will not be accepted. This is both an insurance requirement and simple safety that must be adhered to. We have barrel covers for sale or rent here at the facility. Pistols must be holstered with the magazine out.

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