Entry with your own equipment

1 Hour $15

2 Hours $20

3 Hours $25

6 Hours $30

All Day $35

Entry with RENTAL Equipment

1 Hour $25

2 Hours $35

3 Hours $40

6 Hours $45

All Day Play $50

GROUP Rates for (6 or more players with rental)

3 hours $35

6 hours $40


LEO, EMS & Military 10% OFF admission Only

Store inventory includes:


Virtual Reality Booth

NEW for 2020!  Stop in and check out our VR Booth.

Pricing is $20 per 30 minutes.

Private Parties:

Airsoft Party

     Our Airsoft party is our most popular party and when you invite people to it they will remember it as the greatest party ever attended! 

$300 for 3hrs  (each additional participant 11-20 ($25), 21-30 ($20)

Nerf Party

     Our Nerf party is one of the younger kids' favorite.  Nerf is very popular with the kids ranging in age from 6 and up.  Utilizing the Nerf Rival blasters and/or Nerf Dart blasters, the participants get to run around and shoot each other just like in airsoft with a lot less sting involved.  Kids will be talking about this party for years to come! 

$300 for 3hrs (each additional participant 11-20 ($20), 21-30 ($15)

Lazer Tag Party

     Our Lazer Tag is unlike the original, because it doesn't involve the hassle of wearing a chest rig for a strike zone.  Our blasters are all-in-one unit, which means you get a blaster, pick your team and go have an amazing time!  This party is great for the younger kids that want to be involved in something similar to airsoft and nerf, but are not quite at that stage.

$200 for 3hrs (each additional participant 11-20 ($15), 21-30 ($10)

Bow Tag Party

     Bow Tag is the newest addition at Ohio Valley Airsoft and is also the only place in the country that utilizes the Faux Bow 3.0 and Faux Bow Pro as Tag weapons.  We decided to utilize these due to the safety and durability of Marky Sparky Toys products.  The arrows are darn near indestructible!!  So book your party today to experience what no one else in the country can!!

$200 for 3hrs (each additional participant 11-20 ($15), 21-30 ($10)

If you *book* a party with 20 participants you get a 4th hr of gameplay for FREE!!


            All Parties booked include;

     *a private party room to decorate, sit and eat, or just relax

     *Rental gear for (10) participants

     *FUN, FUN, FUN


     **A $125 deposit is required to save the date, which is due at the time of booking and will be applied to the balance after a damage inspection is complete.  Deposits are refundable if reservation is cancelled prior to 7 days before the party**


              CALL TODAY TO BOOK THE BEST PARTY EVER                                              740.325.1172







We are now offering rental packages to have the party at home!  No need to take anything anywhere!  Just Call us and set up the date and we will deliver our equipment to your house, set it up for you, demo the equipment and then pick it up when your party is over!  We will drop the equipment off on Friday @ 5pm and pick it up on Sunday @ 5pm!

Rental Packages include:

 #1  Nerf / 10 Blasters, 250 darts, 10 inflatable bunkers, 10 pair of safety glasses

#2   Bowtag / 10 Faux Bow 2, 40 arrows, 10 inflatable bunkers, 10 pair of safety glasses

#3   Laser Tag / 10 Blasters, 10 inflatable bunkers

Each Package (#1, #2, or #3) include the delivery, setup, demo and pickup of the equipment directly to your home!

Pricing is

 -$200 for Each Package (Cash on Delivery Only) 

 -A $50 Deposit is due at time of booking and is NON-REFUNDABLE, but applied to balance at pickup.

(Extra Delivery Fee may be applicable depending upon distance from Ohio Valley Airsoft, LLC)

(Fees for damaged equipment due to negligence may be assessed and charged upon pickup)